Tooth & Nail Records
chief helpers in spreading FCI propaganda

Lovitt Records
also assisting in spreading FCI propaganda

Art Monk Construction Records
also assisting in spreading FCI propaganda

Jonas Blank Records

one-sided records! Put out solo record by employee S. Cinca

Boombox Magnetica

the studio, the man, the legend

Buckaroo Banzai Headquarters

favorite film of FCI employee

The Flat Earth Society

subverting order

Art Bell

Exposing truth via AM Radio


phenomena, science, philosophy, art

Conspiracy History of the Western World

thought provoking conspiracies

The Planetary Society

Supported by the FCI

The SETI Institute

the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence

A Glorious New Tomorrow

subverting order through propaganda

The AdBusters

subverting order & commerce

The Chupacabra Phenomenon

a mysterious creature

Evil Incarnate Itself

the thing that should not be

Mark Beemer - Photographer

assiting in documenting the FCI

Ulf Nyberg - Photographer

assisting in documenting the FCI

Saidgun Photography

photo documentation of the rock that is punk

allsystemsgo graphics

providers of FCI Security IDs

James B. - Graphic Artist

frodus web-site animation provider

Survival Research Laboratories

subverting order and entertaining

Closer to Heaven

a holy place

Hero Pulps

providing enterainment

The Artificial Family

spreading family

The Bunny Survival Test

an important scientific discovery


Sterilization shall commence NOW!